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ISBN 978-3-940574-38-1,
third edition, 439 pages, paperback, €29,80

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More than manners” is certainly a good tool to learn in a few hours what we will only understand in a few years of practical experience.
Books like “More than manners” can be a useful guide in our path to international success."
Stefano C., industrial consultant, from Italy


"I read this book to help me land a job with a German company. ... This book is a good confidence builder. ... I recommend it."
Anthony P., software engineer, from San Diego, USA

Language Travel Magazine
"I wanted to enable people to have an idea how to avoid difficulties and not be frustrated."
[ full book review Oct. 2005 ]
tc world - Magazine for International Information Management
tc world - magazine for International Information Management
"Your ...about Germans and how Germans are supposed to behave are probably the most accurate that I have found on the Web. A very honest picture of your people." Glenn from the U.K

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The popular language magazine for all learning German - recommended by Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE:
The popular language magazine for all learning German - recommended by Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE
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German Business Etikette auf Deutsch

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Recommanded resources about German economy and industries

- 10 links to business in Germany -

If you wish to set up a business in Germany and search for potential clients and partners, the following links will provide you with important sources for establishing business contacts.

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1. Business consulting and contacts

2. Business associations

3. Companies in Germany and Europe

* no garantee regarding complete accurancy. Another list with the ranking of the 100 largest German companies quoted on the stock exchange can be found at Wikipedia.

  • Listings of Europe's top 500 companies :

4. Exhibiting Centres and trade fairs in Germany

Do ou come by plane to a fair to Germany? A list of German airfields and airports can be found on our page Airfields in Germany.

5. Ministries and governmental agencies

6. The European Union (EU)

8. Quality reviews of industrial products

  • Wikimachine provides such a neutral place to create, display high quality reviews of industrial products

9. Where to find phone numbers, names and addresses

10. Information about learning business German:

book tip* as a supplement to our intercultural seminars:

Business-Etikette in Deutschland

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