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Business start ups in Germany

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Do you have a business idea that you want to turn into reality? Then don’t hesitate – your chances for success as an entrepreneur in Germany are good. Not only have many other foreigner entrepreneurs paved the way for you, but Germany can also offer your business a market of customers with strong purchasing power, excellent infrastructure, dependable economic conditions, and in comparison to other countries, falling labor costs.

Start ups in Germany

The following chapter will give you some guidelines for starting your own business in Germany and provide you with contacts to possible business partners who can help you set up shop while avoiding unnecessary hang-ups.

Getting started

Let’s first assume you have answered the basic market questions surrounding your product or service: What is my target group? How big is the potential market for my business? Who are my possible business partners? Where will my business be located? How does my timeline look? How can I raise the capital that I will need to get started? In addition to these, you will still have many open questions concerning the relevant legal aspects and market conditions that affect your business idea.

Step 1: The preliminary interview
Your first stop for starting a business in Germany should be the "Industrie- und Handelskammer" (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) See: In comparison to other business organizations and other industry-based groups, the IHK supports members at 81 locations in Germany and represents 3.6 million businesses that are all legal members of the IHK. This fact makes the IHK independent of any single interest group and creates a strong force for dealing with political powers and bureaucratic permit offices.

The IHK’s partner organizations, which are known as “Außenhandelskammern“ (Foreign trade offices) can also be found in locations outside of Germany. See: These 120 offices are a good starting point for receiving initial information concerning a start-up in Germany.

It is worth your while to seek out your nearest IHK-office as the business-venture experts there can provide you with information on the local market, funding possibilities, and relevant contacts for start-up advice and detailed legal matters. We recommend that you set-up a personal consultation with one of their specialist early in your venture process. Then, prepare a model of your business idea for the meeting and work out the answers to any questions that could come up. An initial meeting with the IHK is also important because you are sure to come into contact with them at a later time. A German law requires the IHK’s approval of any business applications that are forwarded from district courts and foreign offices (at which you must file for residency approval).

Furthermore, you should contact the “Amt für Wirtschaftförderung” (Office of Business Advancement) which is most likely located in the courthouse of the city in which you hope to locate your business. Here, you can get more detailed information on requirements for your chosen business site, local funding possibilities and local economic conditions.

For those who are in a hurry to get their business established, but who still want to keep the founding costs within budget, consider the local offers of any existing entrepreneur centers. At such centers, you can rent office space while also increasing your networking potential with other firms located within the center.

Step 2: Founding the Business
It is especially important for foreign entrepreneurs to seek ...

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